BluSoak Drip Tape 15' Plant Ring - Ready to Connect to a Blumat Sensor

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The BluSoak Drip Tape 15' Plant Ring is a pre-assembled unit ready to be connected to your Blumat sensor and is ideal for larger pots that need more water coverage.

A 15' soaker hose ready to plug into a Blumat sensor - just push the tubing into the Blumat output hose and wind around the area you'd like to keep moist. Distribution drippers are less expensive in small pots, this one less expensive in larger ones. Keeping more of the potting mix moist lets more roots grow and in effect gives you a much larger pot for the same pot and planting mix cost.

This product comes with:

  • 1 Soaker Hose Fitting to 3mm Blumat Barb
  • 1 Soaker Hose End Plug
  • 1 Blumat Distribution Dripper
  • 15' of BluSoak Mega

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