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Blumat first became known as a system for watering houseplants and—although we had first hand experience with how well they work in commercial settings—it took many years of demonstrating and explaining their commercial applications. Now, hundreds of large-scale Blumat systems make commercial grows more cost-effective, labor-saving, and successful. Salt-based systems typically save 50% of their nutrient costs while significantly cutting back on labor and increasing yields. In scientific, side-byside tests with Living Soil grows, Blumat consistently increased yields by 20%+. The reduction of inputs (including labor) and increase in production make Blumat systems the obvious choice.They save on labor costs, prevent diseases/pests, save up to 50% of nutrient use and up to 25% on A/C.

Blumat watering systems can design a system for you that will improve plant health, increase yield, and reduce labor/input costs.

No time to fill a form? Give us a call at 303-998-1323 and ask for a professional quote and design today.

"The farm paid like 3k for the Blumats and probably got 10k or more in increased flower production. That was only 1/4 of the greenhouse. They said at these rates, Blumats on the whole farm will lead to about $175k more revenue in a years time, for about $12k in Blumats. Hell of a return." - Satisfied Customer