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The Sustainable Village


For many years, The Sustainable Village was a social enterprise leveraging renewable energy and appropriate technology experience in developing countries since 1967. Bringing business and microenterprise models to development and aid efforts, it worked to facilitate multi-sector partnerships and collaboration between NGO’s, government and educational institutions, consultants, commercial and non-profit organizations. It helped provide solutions to global problems in developing countries with energy generation, safe water, public health, long-distance communications, sustainable agriculture, and micro-enterprise employment. With over 10,000 products in a data base, it provided the "hard technology" for these projects: design and engineering, equipment and parts supply, international delivery, training and installation. The approach is “bottom-up”, multi-sector, and holistic integrating environmental, economic, and social concerns with a respect for natural capital. The Sustainable Village aligned its key missions to the UN millennium development goals: decreasing extreme poverty and hunger, infant and maternal mortality, HIV/AIDS and other diseases; improving access to safe drinking water, education, gender equality; maintaining and improving environmental sustainability.

Today, the scope is much more modest but a continuation of these goals is still present and growing.

Sustainable Village founder and managing director, Steve Troy began working in the appropriate technology field in 1966 when he was preparing to join a Peace Corp-type program in Mexico. He discovered - and fell in love with - the concept of Appropriate Technology. This initial inspiration, added to his “business blood and entrepreneurial soaked brain”, evolved into numerous companies including Open Circle, Real Goods, Jade Mountain, Sustainable Resources, Green China Direct and of course, The Sustainable Village. The products and systems designed and supplied by Steve's many enterprises have together saved thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, millions of gallons of water, and kept tons of air pollutants out of our atmosphere. Steve has worked on projects in more than 130 countries.