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Partners and Projects

The climate change consequences we face today - heat waves, droughts, floods, forest fires, and pollution - have become too severe for effective isolated solutions. We need to team up, collaborate, and go beyond our too narrowly focused and competitive priorities. We need more partnerships, joint efforts between business, government, non-profits, and individuals working together. This page represents some of the ways we work to help create this kind of an interconnected world and some of the organizations and businesses with potential for creating the most beneficial solutions. As an ever-expanding team, we can meet these environmental challenges, eliminate poverty, and create a more just, sustainable, and regenerative world.

Boulder Rooted Medicinals

We installed an innovative irrigation system at this educational site supporting the American Institute of Integrative Herbalism.

Carbon Sponge

Automatic Blumat irrigation for urban soil research, working with soil as a living entity.

Drylands Agroecology Research

Drylands Agroecology uses regenerative design to transform dry, abandoned, and marginalized landscapes into sustainable ecosystems, with impressive results.

McGuckin Hardware

McGuckin Hardware has carried Blumats since 1989. They help us design packaging for brick-and-mortar stores and give us many marketing ideas.

United Ecology

We work with United Ecology and Avery Ellis on greywater and rainwater, lawn conversions, permaculture landscaping, carbon farming, and regenerative agriculture.