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Irrigating Your Farm

Although often overlooked, irrigation helps determine the crop's life, quality, and yield. Our journey with irrigation and commercial horticulture began over 40 years ago, and we continue to offer cutting-edge irrigation, fertigation, and cultivation solutions. We can walk you through the process of designing and building an irrigation system with unparalleled support and service.

This WA Hemp Field is irrigated by one of our systems. Photo Credit: @hunterandreichfarms

High Quality Irrigation Equipment

For multi-acre fields, we normally recommend traditional drip irrigation systems - pumps, disposable or heavy-wall tape, and filters. Tape can be sized for any flow rate or spacing to match any/all applications. For more sustainable, multi-year systems, we have more expensive but more ecological long-term options.


Fields and irrigating systems require high flow rates and capacity to move large volumes of water and/or nutrient solution. We have the pumps and nutrient-dosing systems to meet your needs. 

Types of Tape

  • Disposable : Use for a season, then replace; 5-8 mil
  • Pressure Compensating : 2-3 years; 15 mil tape
  • Heavy-Wall : Durable, re-usable, and pressure compensating; 10+ years
  • BluSoak : Capable of decades of service at low pressure
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation : Multi-season use, water efficient and root responsive


We recommend sand-media and mechanically-based filters (i.e. disk, mesh, etc.) to minimize complications and ensure consistent reliability.

Kifco Water Reels

Irrigate from 2.8 to 11.6 acres per run and cover a field over a quarter mile long with these water reels. We offer a wide range of models and can help you decide the best option for your farm.

Comprehensive Design vs. DIY

For first-time growers as well as experienced old hands, we can provide professional design and engineering for every budget and for the best results. Our in-house design team has decades of cultivation experience, and can intimately understand the best solutions for your unique situation. We can ensure that you'll get exactly the system you need, as well as the knowledge necessary to install, maintain, and operate it for optimized performance. Multi-acre field designs include insured engineering and CAD renderings.


Examples of renderings.

Customer Service

Our staff prioritizes top-shelf customer service. You can always call our office to speak with a Boulder-based irrigation expert - we answer the phone.

Our office and warehouses are nestled underneath the iconic Boulder flatirons.

Site-Specific Installation

We can also arrange site visits, take measurements, and use that research to make recommendations and quotes. We can confidently recommend professional installers who will travel to your site, and are familiar with our watering systems.

Site Design

Design Implementation


We have longstanding relationships with top manufacturers to ensure supply of the most comprehensive selection of irrigation products as well as some of the lowest prices. If you would like to begin or upgrade an irrigation system, we can help with anything from tape to fittings, supply line, pumps, filters, and automatic controllers, and hard-to-find components.