Run-Aways—how to avoid

“Run-Aways” are Blumats that don’t turn off. Almost every time this happens, it’s because of air. Blumats don’t like air – either inside or outside or in the supply line.

Operations Director Michael, explains the Blumat process at the Green Grow Expo

How do Blumats work? Our Operations Director Michael, explains the Blumat process at the Green Grow Expo.

Water Conservation

Cannabis is a very thirsty plant. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, one plant can drink 5 to 10 gallons of water per day. Depending on the environment and medium, these plants can consume more. In the quest to increase quality and maximize yield, regardless if cultivators aren’t experiencing drought conditions, or even water restrictions, the consideration of implementing minor changes that support water conservation in general are important. As its legal to grow cannabis in many states, there is a shared responsibility amongst cultivators to adopt and invent new methods to conserve water.

Carbon Sponge

The New York Hall of Science is Using our Blumat BluSoak for an Experiment

A project called “Carbon Sponge” is being implemented at the New York Hall of Science and is using a Blumat system for irrigation. The purpose of the project is to better understand the various environmental conditions that affect the amount of carbon that is either stored in, or released, from soils. 

Healthy roots make a healthy plant

Healthy roots make a healthy plant! Blumats provide the optimal moisture levels for vigorous root development.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

One of our customers took this picture of his garden booming. These are tomatoes and cucumbers in his greenhouse supported by blumats. His comment on them was" The great thing is that blumat automatic watering system works perfectly delivering water to plants roughly at 15L/day rate". 

Installing BluSoak by Tad Hussey from Kisorganics

Tad Hussey from Kisorganics describes in this video how to install the Blusoak hose

Kisorganics Interview with Damian Koch: Blumat Tips, tricks and set-up

Host Tad Hussey from Kisorganics interviews Damian on setting up Blumats as well as a few tips. 

Kisorganics Podcast Interview with Blumat Distributor Steve Troy

Host Tad Hussey from Kisorganics interviews North American Blumat Distributor Steve Troy 

A Sustainable Planet: Doing Your Part in Preventing Water Pollution

Take These Steps Today to Prevent Water Pollution

Each year, 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean. This is a shocking statistic, but it is the result of a failure of people around the world to make simple changes to their habits. There are big steps you can take such as going plastic free, but it can take time to drastically shift your lifestyle.

Click here to read about how you can keep your water clean and free from harmful substances.

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