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BluSoak in comparison to other drip tapes and tubes?

Posted by ravi 03/13/2019 0 Comment(s) In Action: BluSoak in Action,

How does the BluSoak soaker hose compare to T-Tape, Duraflo, and other kinds of drip tape and tube?

1. Longevity, this tape can last over 20 years. 

2. Due to the micro-output holes, there is more even distribution due to the water spreading out much more evenly. 

3. Less water use. This system could use 75% less water than what you're using now. 

4. Because the soil is more evenly watered, plants are able to grow thicker with more dispersed root systems resulting in better productivity. 

5. These systems are less likely to get clogged because the pressure is so low and they have so many tiny holes. If they do end up getting clogged it becomes less of a problem because there are so many other places that can take over. With systems that only emit water every 6" or 12", each blocked orifice leaves a big patch of too-dry soil.  

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