Growing Styles

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Steve Troy
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November 22, 2022 9:23:49 PM PST November 22, 2022 9:23:49 PM PSTnd, November 22, 2022 9:23:49 PM PST

Growing Styles

Blumats work for almost every kind of growing style, but the system design changes a little with the different types.


Systems for organic growers are normally similar to the ones we use for Living Soil, but need less water coverage because the main concern is keeping the root ball wet rather than all the potting mix. Improving quality can increase crop value and help make up for lower prices.
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Living Soil

The quality of your soil or growing medium obviously has a critical influence on your plants’ health, yield, pest and disease resistance. Good living soil becomes like a giant plant restaurant.
Living Soil Irrigation


Systems using synthetic, salt-based nutrients in coco and/or high peat planting mixes normally need fewer Blumat sensors and/or distribution drippers. Since the main concern is keeping the root ball wet rather than all of the potting mix (as Living Soil growers prefer), plants maintain optimum growth with less drip points. Blumats excel and quickly pay for themselves with salt-based fertilizers since you can reduce your nutrient use by at least 50% (because there is no run-out from the bottom of your pots).

Coco and Peat

Coco and peat have high capillary action that spreads the moisture laterally. In general, this means fewer carrots and/or distribution drippers are necessary.
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Grodan and other Rockwool Methods

Blumats can work with Rockwool but more care needs to be taken to keep the carrots from drying out. It’s important to keep the original wrapping around the sides and it helps to use a plastic top. Capillary mat systems - either alone or with a carrot on the top - can also be a good way to use these.