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The Counterculture Had it Right

Our business' founding inspirations sparked during the cultural maelstrom of the 1960's. We questioned the status quo, the Vietnam war, racial injustice, and gender inequality. We rejected materialistic consumerism, began experiencing nature more directly, looked for ways of creating more just and equitable societies.

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Regenerative Agriculture

The agricultural lobby became the most powerful lobby in the U.S. and - much like the old tobacco and the current coal lobbies - it hides and distorts many of the statistics. This vast system of factory farming now produces at least 1/3 of all human caused greenhouse gases. It contaminates our air and water, damages our soil, destroys wildlife habitats, and escalates climate change. Partly because of very little regulation, we can blame our agricultural system for generating as much emissions as 143 million cars annually.

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The Regenerative Society - We Won’t Back Down

I always felt like an outsider. Or at best, part of a tiny group of like minded folks trying to dispel those persistent illusions that hem us all in; the barriers, visible and invisible, erected by history, family, society (and, complicitly, ourselves) that curtail Life’s fullest unfolding.

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Soil Moisture Meters

What is the importance of Soil Moisture and when to use which kind of moisture meter? The amount of moisture or soil water is important to know because:

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Bonsai Watering

Reports show that up to 75% of new Bonsai trees die during their first month in a new home. Because they usually have very little planting mix, they easily dry out too much without frequent watering. Too much water, however, can also create big problems. Our new Blumat Bonsai kits solve both these problems while saving you huge amounts of both time and anxiety.

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Air Conditioning Heat Load

The labor, water, and energy savings from using Blumat systems quickly becomes obvious. As the research in this article shows, however, benefits extend far beyond the obvious. For every gallon of water a Blumat system saves, the air conditioning heat load reduces by over 8000 BTU’s which can result in huge cost savings.

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Guide to Nutrients & Blumat Systems

Can nutrients be used with Blumat Systems? The answer to this question is rich with subtleties and nuance, which is why it needs to be addressed with an article as opposed to a yes/no. The short answer is generally yes, with some caveats.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Too often, we see big projects like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and feel glad that some big organizations work on these goals... but we don't see much we can do ourselves. Our individual actions, however, may represent the best first step toward achieving these objectives. The immense challenges we face were caused by the accumulation of individual, group, business, and political choices. Only a concerted effort by all of us has hope of success. On this page, we analyze our own resources and capacities for helping in these efforts.

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Slow Water

Almost everyone knows that if plants don't get enough water they die. Most people also know that too much water can also kill plants. Most people don't know though that how fast plants get water is also an important factor.

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