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Spring Garden Planning

Plan Your Garden Now!

The Most Time-Saving, Efficient, and Lowest Cost Systems

Many of us have more gardening goals than time to accomplish them, and by planning your spring garden now you can solve this challenge. We designed this system for people who only have an hour or two on weekends for gardening. It maximizes ease of set-up, automatic watering, and lowers cost. Just attach this to a 24/7 water line and gravity takes care of the rest. It’s even possible to plant in the spring and only return for the harvest.

Build-Your-Own Backyard Garden Kit

Start-up (the Foundation, the Heart of this System)

This 5-gallon bucket kit acts as the base for a variety of systems. It has a built-in float valve and bulkhead fittings for both the water input and output. The input side has fittings to connect to a regular garden hose, to a ½” drip line, or to PVC and most other kinds of water supply lines. Using this float valve reservoir eliminates the need for pressure reducers and lets the system work well during the fall and winter when we need to be careful about waterlines freezing. We can either quickly fill it up from a waterline during the day and then turn the water off to prevent freezing, fill it up by hand, or fill it from a larger reservoir.

Backyard Garden Kit, Hub, IG18380   

Input Options

If you don't have a supply line yet, just add either the 50' or 100' option. Add a pressure reducer like the one below if your water supply pressure is over 50-60 psi. The optional Water Level Indicator helps if filling by hand or as a quick indicator that the system is working properly.

Water Level Indicator, IG16809    

This item is available but not on our website yet, in the meantime feel free to reach out if you'd like to order or have questions:
Pressure Reducer, IG18398

Output Options

Output options include an irrigation kit with adapters to water a 4' x 4' garden bed, a 4' x 8' bed, either 50' or 100' of soaker hose for plants along a fence or not in beds. For small systems, this is a simple way of controlling your pressure without needing a pressure regulator - just raise the reservoir higher for more water, lower for less. The output fittings include an adapter to the included 8mm line these kits use. Each includes the fittings and supply line to go from the bucket to the bed plus an auto-irrigation system.

50' BluSoak w/ fittings, IG18461    
100' BluSoak w/ fittings, IG18462    
10' SuperFlex, IG15635    

Complete Kits (Everything You Need for a 4x8 or a 4x4 Bed)

These kits come with all the supply line, a float-valve bucket, connections and fittings in order to irrigate either a 4x8 or 4x4 bed.

Complete 4x8 Backyard Kit, IG18463    
Complete 4x4 Backyard Kit, IG18626