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Capillary Mat Systems

Grow more healthy plants & still save water, time, and money

Capillary mats are a felt-like material that supplies water by wicking moisture up through the bottom of pots/containers. As soil in the pot dries, it pulls moisture up into the pot from the mat due to capillary action.

The AquaMat top-of-the-line capillary mat system already has 8 million square feet of AquaMats installed in retail garden centers, greenhouses, and nurseries that are saving roughly 889,000 gallons of water per season per garden center. The multilayered, self contained design works with fabric pots, beds, or plastic pots with holes in the bottom larger than 1/8".

Garden Centers




Rooftop Gardens


Surface Blumats for Capillary Mats

Blumats for starts and seedlings! These automatically water plant trays totaling up to 5 square yards without electricity or pressurized water (electronic ones available for larger areas and/or thousands of plants). Place on top of capillary mats, attach to distribution drippers or BluSoak and they automatically supply the needed water. Sensitive new roots aren’t disturbed and you won’t have to worry about tiny plants either drowning or drying out too much.

How Surface Blumats Work

The foot of the water-filled clay tensiometer senses the moisture level of the capillary matting. The membrane head regulates directly, and more or less constantly, the water flow of the drip tube via a squeeze valve. This system is adjusted so that the valve closes when sufficient moisture is present (capillary mat is saturated). Our multi-layered capillary mat systems have an impermeable layer for the ground (no trays necessary), two capillary mat layers, and one perforated foil layer to prevent algae.

Click here for instructions on how to use capillary mats:

Capillary Mat Installation