Super Quiet Fan - Improve Air circulation, Move Heat or Cold Air Throughout Home

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Evenly distribute the heat in your home by mounting this extremely quiet fan securely in a doorway, and push trapped warm air into an adjoining room. This is a great option for eliminating any “hot spots” near stoves and ceilings. Improve air circulation and heat up your home quickly.

This 4 11/16" x 4 11/16", 50 CFM fan works great with passive solar heating systems and air conditioning systems as well. It has a 12 ft. power cord with an in-line switch. Hookup is a breeze with no wiring required. Measures 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". Finish is black with a chrome guard and it has a sound rating of 39 Db.

*This fan has tested 3 times quieter than other comparable 50 CFM fans.

This fan can also be used for moving cooler air throughout the home during the warm summer season. The Super Quiet® Fan moves an impressive 50 cubic feet of air per minute.