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Automatic watering of row crops without electricity, batteries, or guess-work With a Blumat sensor on each end of this Dura-Flo Junior dripperline, you can water rows up to 50' long. Without electricity, batteries, or timers the watering will automatically turn on and off based on soil moisture conditions. This provides ideal growing conditions for closely spaced row crops in home gardens and small-scale farming. (This kit is designed for a 4x8 bed. Each $39 IG15710 expansion set lets you add on another 4x8 bed.) Using Blumat distribution drippers works better in small pots, short rows, or with plants spaced further apart. Normally though you can only use 5 distribution drippers per Blumat sensor and go 4-5 feet. For long rows of closely plants crops, this system using drip tube can work wonders. Emitters in the pipe spaced 6" apart have a maximum flow rate of 1/2 gallon per hour. The emitter has dual exit holes 180 degrees apart, is self-cleaning with built-in filter slits to minimize clogging and permanently bonded to the inside of the tubing so it can't shift. Each kit includes 50' of emitter tube, 2 blumat sensors, a pressure reducer, 8 mm tube to connect from hose bibb to garden, elbows, end pieces T adapters, a shut-off valve and hold-down stakes.

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