Razor Saver

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  • SAVE MONEY- Whether using razors for men or razors for women, quickly recover your investment!
  • USER FRIENDLY AND SIMPLE- Just draw your razor over the surface under water 10-15 times!
  • ALWAYS A SMOOTH SHAVE- decrease scratching and cuts while you beautify or manscape
  • NEARLY UNIVERSAL- Works with almost all razors, except for those with extra wide handles/necks
  • REDUCE WASTE- Save money and alleviate environmental damage by reducing razor waste!
  • The RazorSaver is so simple to use, and the savings on your disposable razors are immediate. You'll be wishing you purchased one years ago! While it is not technically a sharpening stone or a whetsone for razors, it functions more as a honing steel- this will keep already-sharp blades sharp.

    Reduce your disposable razor use by 75% by getting up to 50 shaves and beyond per razor! This disposable razor sharpener beats out competitors like the blade buddy and other razor sharpeners.

    The razor saver will have straight razor enthusiasts wishing they had switched over to disposables. The razor saver is safer to use than straight razors and straight razor sharpener(s).

    This item is best for keeping new blades in good condition, as opposed to revitalizing old ones- so do not expect miracles on old and dull blades! You should use this sharpener after each shave on newer blades to extend their lifespan and maintain a high-quality shave.

    The opportunities to save money and reduce one's impact on the environment rarely present themselves in the same package. This is a no-brainer decision that you'll be wondering why you didn't make it so many more years ago!

    Don't confuse this with whetstone(s) for razors. This won't make your old razor like new.

    One of our best products- everyone should have at least one of these!

    They give you the best, most comfortable shave and you save lots of money while protecting the environment.

    In the USA alone, we throw away over 2 billion razor blades every year as well as over 2 million pounds of plastic handles.

    A Razor Saver will give you up to 130 shaves from just one razor blade. It resharpens in just a few seconds! Normal razors only give you 5-10 uses. Although common and simple, a razor blade represents some remarkable technology. Days of a strap and straight razor are not that far in the past. It's a shame to have to throw them away so quickly. In fact, they're only disposable because you can't resharpen them. But now you can! Just insert a razor head and draw the old blade across the Razor Saver - it will be like new. Get 75-130 or more shaves from any regular or disposable razor blade, men's or women's, single, double, or triple.

    Made from recycled plastic, the disposable razors you threw away could now be a Razor Saver!

    Please call or email if you are interested in buying this product in volume with a wholesale discount.

    Dimensions: 5 3/4" L x 2 1/4" W

    Use 75% fewer razors each year with our Razor Saver!