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Multiple Harvest Mushroom Mini Farm

All you need to grow delicious, nutritious mushrooms right in your own home!

Most inexpensive mushroom kits give a good education and some fun but not many mushrooms. This kit can grow many times more mushrooms than others in this price range, grows the mushrooms out in all directions, and you can recharge your kit and start another round after you harvest the first flush or two.

Getting Started


Close to Harvest

This kit includes:
  • Oyster mushroom grain spawn
  • Fresh wheat straw
  • Hydrated lime aka Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2
  • Extra micropore tape
  • Mesh bag for soaking straw substrate
  • Prepared 5-gallon bucket/fruiting container





Multiple Harvests

Almost Ready

Click to download the instructions.

Your bucket, mister, mesh bag and instructions can be reused to grow more Oyster mushrooms! We also sell “refill packs” that will allow you to try another species of oyster mushrooms (the pink ones are our favorite!) and supply everything needed to “recharge” your kit. And spent spawn makes great compost!