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EasyDrip Accessories

EasyDrip Accessories

EasyDrip Accessories 

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4 outlet fogger set (including anti-drainage valve)

4 outlet fogger set (including anti-drainage valve) , PVC soft pipe 50cm long, PR1401 fogger, weight..

Model: IG16995


Bend Arrow Dripper (100mmx50mm, flow rate 2.2L/H, Working pressure: 1.0bar )

Bend Arrow DripperColor: Blue 100mmx50mmflow rate 2.2L/H, Working pressure: 1.0bar..

Model: IG16996


Drip Irrigation Handle Punch

Drip Irrigation Handle PunchThis inexpensive but good quality punch makes installing drip system emi..

Model: IG16729


Easy Hole Punch - Easy Punch for On-Line Dripper 1/4" (Economy) - For EasyDrip Systems

End your hole punching problems! Making the right size hole for the 1/4" drip tubing. Needed for pun..

Model: IG16720


Senninger 3/4" 15psi Pressure Reducer

3/4" FHT X 3/4" MHT Senninger Pressure Regulator. Regulates the pressure within the drip irrigation..

Model: IG17133


Threaded Male-Famale Valve, Dn3/4"*3/4"

Threaded Male-Famale Valve, Dn3/4"*3/4"..

Model: IG16992


Water Timer

2 hour water timer, mechanical running, no need battery; 1/2'' Female thread..

Model: FE15329