Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

Hemp Irrigation Systems

How do Blumat systems compare to other drip and soaker methods?
• Automatically Maintains Best Levels • Without batteries, timers, or computers!
• Even Water Distribution • Blumat soaker hose has millions of micro-output holes ~ water spreads out more evenly
• Less Water Use  • Uses 75% less water than other systems
• Better Productivity • Evenly watered soil ~ plants grow thicker and with more dispersed root systems
• Won’t Clog Like Other Systems • Steady low water pressure and million of tiny holes makes it nearly impossible to clog
• Long Life • Lasts over 25 years!
• Cooler Water • White tape keeps water cooler
• Less Evaporation • Slow drip means less evaporation ~ bury for even less

How can low pressure and low water flow go so far and water so much?
The Power of Time: Small water flow at low pressure over a long period of time = Best way to water a large area.

How It Works

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