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The Evolution of Irrigation


Automatically Maintains Best Water Levels

NO Batteries, Timers, or Computers! •

• Automatically stops the watering when soil moisture reaches your adjusted setting •

• Automatically turns the water back on when soil reaches your preset level •

• Automatically changes when: plants grow faster or slower; it rains; gets hotter; windy; colder; or humidity changes •


Even Water Distribution

• Blumat soaker has millions of micro-output holes, so water spreads out much more evenly •


Less Water Use  

•  Uses up to 75% less water than other systems •


Higher Yields and Better Productivity  

• Plant growth momentum not stoped by too much or not enough moisture •

• Too much water squeezes out important soil air pockets that let plants "breathe" •

• Not enough water kills small, sensitive feeder roots •

• Too much or not enough water, harm beneficial microbes that keep soil alive and vital •


Less Evaporation

Slow Drip Means Less Evaporation | Bury for Even Less  •


Less Likely to Get Clogged  

• Steady low water pressure and millions of tiny holes •

• Allows many places to take over if sediment builds up •


Cooler Water

 White tape keeps water cool •


Long Life

Lasts over 25 Years! •



Small water flow at low pressure over a long period of time = Best way to water a large area.

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