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Blumats in Rockwool and Grodan Cubes?


We weren’t sure how well Blumats would work so we helped a customer put them to the test with 104 plants, 4200 watts of light. They passed with flying colors - nutrient use went down more than 50%, 66% water savings, plus one of their best yields ever.

"I went from 150 gal res to a 55 gal one and used 50 gallons ever 4-5 days. Nutrient savings was through the roof I cut most nutes in half and some as much as a 1/3. This is based on 104 carrots In rock wool.It was deceiving because the cubes always felt light but the plants always looked happy so I let it go. I ran 4200watts of light and I believe I have 10-12#'s." - Erik 10/26/2016