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Blumat Kits

Blumat Kits

Kits are a perfect way to start using Blumat watering systems. Once you gain a little experience, you can easily expand these systems with items found in ‘Blumat Accessories’ to fit your individual needs. Until then, we suggest getting started with one of our kits!

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Living Soil 4x8 Bed Extention Kit Irrigation System

Already have a gravity or pressure system in place? Then all you need is this extensions kit! The ex..


Living Soil 4x8 Bed from Pressure Blumat System

This system is designed for a living soil 4x8 bed. Specifically for a Pressure system.This kit inclu..


Living Soil 4x8 Bed Gravity Blumat System

This kit is for a 4x8 bed. Specifically for a gravity Blumat system. This kit includes:IG16292 BluSo..