Blumats make great HOLIDAY gifts for plant lovers!!!

Fittings and Reducers

Fittings and Reducers

Growers set up Blumat systems in many different situations with various kinds and sizes of supply line. These fittings and reducers allow you to customize an automated system in nearly any circumstance.

Blumat systems come from Europe so most of the fittings are designed for European tubing measured in millimeters. Since people in the USA don’t have good access to these diameters and thread sizes, it can be almost impossible to adapt a Blumats to a conventional drip or gardening system. Until now!

We’ve found and assembled many different fittings to make this process easy. We can also special order these fittings in many different configurations and for many different pipe sizes. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just let us know - we can probably find the perfect part for you!


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Blumat 3 mm Mini-hose union with center

White with star pattern-easier to use...

Model: IG15608


Blumat Mini-hose union 3 mm 3 pack carded

Connect the 3mm tubing used for Tropf Blumat sensors, Blumat Distributor Drippers, or Blumat Juniors..

Model: IG15501


Blumat Tee - 8mm x 3 mm x 8mm - single in "bulk"

These are the T pieces that come included with the Tropf-Blumat sensors. You can use these to replac..

Model: IG15653


Bulkhead Fitting - 3/4"

3/4" Bulkhead Fitting..

Model: WA16201


Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" male hose x 1/2" FPT

Just a regular Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" male hose x 1/2" FPTUse to connect a large supply line into you..

Model: IG15494


PVC Adapter 1/2" MPT to 3mm Blumat drip line pvc adapter 1/2" mpt 3mm blumat drip line fittings

A quick connect adapter to go between PVC (or any pipe thread fitting) to the 3mm line that works wi..

Model: IG15548


Blumat 1/4" 4-Way Cross

Make cross connections in 1/4" line. You can use these to send distribution drippers in different di..

Model: IG16028


3mm Tubing Union - 10 Pack

3mm Tubing Union for Blumat tubing. A pack of 10...

Model: IG16139


Blumat 8mm Elbows, bulk

If you have lots of room and can easily make large, round bends; you won't need elbows. If you're in..

Model: IG15595


Blumat T- 8mm to 3mm - pack of 3

These are the T pieces that come included with the Tropf-Blumat sensors. You can use these to replac..

Model: IG15476