Blumat Water Reservoir • 5-Gallon Bucket w/ Lid & Bulkhead Fittings Installed

SKU: IG15600


  • Blumat-ready - This 5 gallon water tank comes ready with bulkheads/spigots for 8mm Blumat tubing!
  • High quality - These buckets are made of HDPE food-grade plastic, and are assembled in the USA!
  • Black/opaque - Designed to keep light out, these water reservoir tank(s) discourage algae growth!
  • Ideal horticulture application - Will work for hydroponic bucket(s) or other gardening uses!
  • Bucket with spigot(s) - Pre-installed, no tools required to get this reservoir working for your plants!

Bulkheads are installed with nipples facing inward for shipping only. The bulkheads/spigots should be flipped around so that the nipples face outward for garden, horticultural, and hydroponic applications.

These will work as reservoirs for Blumat watering systems, can work in hydroponic bucket system(s), can replace hydroponic reservoir(s), and are essentially kits for water barrels with spigots! You certainly don't need to be DIY-friendly to use these buckets, as we do the work requiring elbow grease and tools to get the bulkheads installed.

These will deliver water wherever you take your tubing! The bulkheads perfectly integrate to 8mm tubing. We would highly recommend our ultra-high quality and durable silicone super-flex tubing. This can be installed onto this bucket - no tools required! It just slips over the nipples/barbs on the bulkheads that are pre-installed in the container.

This 8mm tubing is the ideal size for Blumats, and will slip right over the barbs on the 8mm x 3mm x 8mm Tees (included with each Tropf Blumat).

This bucket is really like hitting the "easy button" for Blumat systems, hydroponic watering systems, backyard gardening applications, or just about any other application that you require a 5-gallon reservoir for. This is really like a water barrel spigot kit that has already been configured and assembled for you!

5 Gallon Reservoir with two thru-hulls and lid.

The two thru-hull fittings are installed backwards for shipment. When you receive your reservoir simply unscrew and flip the fittings.

Grow plants anywhere!

Just attach your Blumat 8mm line, fill with water, and almost instantly your plants are taken care of. This includes two installed Blumat adapters and a black lid.

They have two connectors to make it easy to set up a "Blumat Loop" system. With these the water goes from 2 directions effectively giving you twice the capacity. It also equalizes the pressure and is a kind of "insurance policy" - if your line gets kinked, something clogs it up, or someone accidentally puts something heavy on it, all the plants will still get water.

These are made from recyclable (#2) HDPE plastic called "the only safe plastic for drinking water" so you don't need to worry about anything bad going to your plants. The black color prevents algae and other nasties from growing in your water and also makes the water going to the roots hotter - a little known secret for superior plant growth.