Blumat Distibution Drippers (Ten) + 2m of Drip tube - 2 pack

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These are great for watering long plant beds, planter boxes, and giving large plants an even amount of water in a circle around them. They connect to a Tropf-Blumat or a Maxi.This is less expensive than adding more sensors but you may need to add a filter to your system if you use nutrients in your water so they don't clog. 

Two nozzles allow you to connect tubing on both sides of the dripper for up to five drip locations from one Tropf-Blumat (dripper chain). The end-distributor dripper has a drip nozzle on one side only for use as the end piece in a dripper chain.

You can go as far as 100 cm (39") from the sensor with these and they water about 20 cm wide (8"). Minimum pressure to use them like this is 4.5 psi. You can go down as low as 2 psi but the last dripper or two might not put out much water. By adjusting the black screw on the top, you can use more. In pressure systems, customers report successfully using as many as 25 with just one Blumat sensor.

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