Pre-set Blumat 5"

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A game-changing innovation: pre-set 5" and 9" Blumats

These two new products eliminate almost all the problems people have setting up and maintaining Tropf Blumats, save a huge amount of time, and also make it easy to adjust your entire system all at once!

Most of the time people spend setting up a Blumat system involves adjusting the sensors - both initially and when you need to make a change. We can do that for you now so all you'll have to do is plug them in. To make small adjustments later to provide more or less water, you can make a 10-second adjustment on an adjustable pressure reducer (if you have one) and change the flow rates for all at once.

Both 5" and 9" sensors arrive pre-calibrated with two markings on the brown adjustment dial - one for gravity and one for pressure systems. This new innovation makes Blumats practical for large commercial systems with thousands of plants as well as preventing the most common problems people have while dramatically decreasing setup time for small systems.

Pre-calibrated for most soil/media types like living soil, standard potting mixes, coco, and peat; they take most of the work and worry out of the installation! Set just where you want them to be right out of the box.

We normally recommend the 9" Maxis in these systems but also make the 5" size for pots smaller than 5 gallons.

These all include an installed protective cap to prevent the setting from being accidentally changed. They come with two markings on the brown adjustment dial. Use the red mark for gravity systems and the blue one if you have pressure.