Irrometer Low Tension (LT) Model, 18"

SKU: IG17983


The IRROMETER Model LT (Low Tension) tensiometer was designed to operate in coarse sandy soils and non-soil growing media. With a range of 0-40 centibars (cb) or kilopascals (kPa), this instrument is for use in situations where tensions above 30 cb (kPa) are rarely expected. Gauge increments of 1 cb (kPa) provide a benefit where finer resolution near saturation is needed. This model instrument is also well suited for conditions where rapidly changing soil moisture conditions need to be observed. The "Quick-Flo" ceramic tip is colored blue for easy identification.

Model LT IRROMETERS can be used for manual measurement and tracking of soil moisture status in coarse sandy soils and growing media. When equipped with optional electronic output and data logging equipment, measurement and tracking can be done automatically. The low tension vacuum gauge on this model can be replaced with electronic measurement options, or automatic switching devices which can activate peripheral equipment at desired soil water tension levels. See the "Automation and Output Options" specifications for more details. The Model LT is the best choice for container media such as peat, bark, sand, perlite and vermiculite. It can also be used in any soil when the moisture is being managed close to field capacity.

Click here for Irrometer's instruction manual.