4' x 16' Living Soil Raised Bed w/ Trellis Fittings and BluSoak Irrigation Kit

SKU: IG17476


4' x 16' Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Raised Bed + Trellis Fittings + BluSoak Irrigation Kit


4' x 16' x 1.5' Living Soil Raised Bed:


Living Soil Raised Beds are the ideal way to maximize soil volume for your surface area.


This living soil raised bed kit is made by Grassroots Fabric pots, and is complete with their moisture-lock plastic lining to ensure moisture makes its way into your bed: no more run-off from hydrophobic soil/media! If you don't see a size that will work for you, submit a custom order request and we'll take care of you!


Our raised beds come with PVC fittings. All you'll need to do is get 1" PVC to complete the setup.


These beds generally will hold up 3-5 years in an outdoor setting, or 5-8 years in an indoor setting.


Single Trellis:


This kit comes with additional fittings to build a single trellis to your desired height.


4 x 16 Trellis kit includes:

  • Fabric for raised bed
  • Four 3-way fittings
  • Ten 4-way fittings
  • Six 5-way fittings


Assembling your 4 x 16 raised bed + trellis -- Please refer to video below for more information on setting up your raised bed.

Not included - You will need to purchase 1" PVC pipe lengths separately.


Midrange BluSoak Kit:

This kit provides an easy, fast, and water-saving way to water a 4' by 16' raised bed or garden bed. No timers, batteries, or electricity required! This system utilizes a Blumat carrot (sensor) to automatically water and monitor the moisture levels in your garden soil. BluSoak tape allows for even water distribution throughout. When coupled together with Blumat carrots, BluSoak hose only delivers water to your veggies when they need it, which promotes exponential growth and impressive yields. You can also leave your BluSoak tape under your garden all winter, no problem. Water source needs to be 6-10' above the garden for a gravity system. For a pressure system running off a faucet or garden hose, simply add a Blumat Pressure Reducer.


This Kit Includes:

  • 2x Tropf Blumat sensor (5")
  • 2x Tropf Blumat sensor Maxi (9")
  • 4x distribution drippers
  • 4x distribution dripper stakes
  • 4x BluSoak Tape to 3mm adapter
  • 64 feet of BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape
  • 16 BluSoak Stakes to hold-down drip tape


What You Might Need (not included in kit):

  • Connection to your water source (thru-hull bulkhead fittings for gravity systems, a pressure reducer, or a Blumat pump for larger systems)
  • 8mm Supply tube to connect your water source to your Blumats
  • Additional Hold-Down stakes or 3mm tubing
  • Fittings (tees, elbows, couplers, etc.) for your custom system


Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.


Perfect for landscapers and home gardeners. It is easily installed with a pair of scissors and connects directly to your hose, or rain barrel with the help of the Pressure Reducer or Thru-Hull Bulkhead Fittings.


*This system does not include a water source. See our 5-gallon Reservoirs, sold with or without thru-hulls installed. Or if using your garden hose bib all you need is a Pressure Reducer. Let us know if we can help you select the right products for your custom irrigation system!