Single Coco Coir Brick - Packed Growing Medium and Soil Alternative - Sun-Mar Compost Magic

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NEW! These Sun-Mar Coco Coir bricks are 100% natural compressed coco coir soil-less medium, which makes an ideal substitution or addition to any grow!

Just add water! When water is added to each 1.3lb brick, the coco expands to make about 2.3gal of soil!

The product comes in compressed brick form for easy transportation, storage, and handling. Simply add the brick to 3gal container and add 1gal of water in, the brick then begins to expand into 2.3gal of material, all from a single 1lb brick!

Also used for composting:

  • Brick maintains moisture due to its outstanding water retention, helps keep compost moist
  • Provides a carbon source, great for compost and plants
  • Holds oxygen within medium, which avoids situations from being overly saturated which retains free space (oxygen)