Irrometer Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor, 15'

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Standard WATERMARK Soil Moisture Sensor. For use with all crops. To be used with WATERMARK Meter, Monitor, Voltage Adapter or a compatible device. Reads electrical resistance in 0-200 centibar (cb) and kilopascal (kPa) range. Comes standard with half inch stripped and tinned ends.

15' (4.5 m) length

This sensor consists of a pair of highly corrosion resistant electrodes that are embedded within a granular matrix. A current is applied to the WATERMARK to obtain a resistance value. The WATERMARK Meter or Monitor correlates the resistance to centibars (cb) or kilopascals (kPa) of soil water tension. The WATERMARK is designed to be a permanent sensor, placed in the soil to be monitored and "read" as often as necessary with a portable or stationary device. Internally installed gypsum provides some buffering for the effect of salinity levels normally found in irrigated agricultural crops and landscapes.

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