Houseplant Vacation Kit

SKU: IG18665


Traveling or too many plants without enough time to take care of them? Blumat Classics can take care of them for you and make everyone think you have a "green thumb." This kit can water up to 12 plants and you can easily extend it for more.

Without batteries, timers, electricity, or even a conventional water source, Blumat Classics siphon water from a reservoir into the plant containers. They give the plants water slowly through a porous ceramic cone so you won’t worry about squeezing the important air pockets out of the potting mix, under, or over-watering. Just place each cone in the potting soil, and connect to the provided main line attached to the reservoir. You can also add more Classics to the main 8mm line or add another kit and second bulkhead fitting to the same bucket to extend the number of plants.

This specific kit can water up to 10 days minimum, 20 days max.
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