Houseplant Vacation Kit

SKU: IG18665


Blumat Classics are the ideal houseplant watering solution for when you travel or are too busy to water your plants (and no judgment if you weren’t born with a green thumb). This kit will water up to 12 plants but can easily be extended to water more if needed.

They are simple in how they function: by using a siphon to pull water from a reservoir into a container, they emit water slowly into the plant through the porous ceramic cone.

Each cone is placed near the plant and connected to a main line that is attached to the reservoir. You can add more classics to the main 8mm line or add another kit and second bulkhead fitting to the same bucket to extend your watering needs.

This specific kit can water up to 10 days minimum, 20 days max.


Take everything out of a box and lay everything out.

Step 1: Take your classic carrots and detach the green tops from all the carrots. Soak them in water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile you can set up your reservoir and tubing while you wait for your classics to soak.

Step 2: Screw bulkhead fitting (Blumat Tank Connector) into the hole on the bottom of the black bucket. The nipple side should be facing out and the washer on the inside of the reservoir. Please note: The black rubber washer goes on the inside of the bucket.

Step 3: Attach the 8mm tubing to your plants. Cut the 8mm tubing with scissors where you are planning on adding the T to connect to your plants.
  • Attach the first on and off valve about 6 inches from the reservoir and the second on and off valve at the very end of the 8mm tubing.
  • Attach the black T’s to your 8mm line.


Step 4: If your classics have been soaking for 15 minutes, then fill the inside with water; attach the green tops back onto the light brown necks of the ceramic cones.

Step 5: Take the small circular brass end out from the end of the 3mm line.Slide the white ends out.

Step 6: Place your classic carrots into the soil of your plants, and attach the classic 3mm line to a t connected to the 8mm line.

Step 7: Fill the reservoir with water

Final Step: Purge out any air from your system