Backyard Irrigation Kit

SKU: IG19018


A simple and elegant way to water your outdoor potted plants and raised beds, this kit supplies everything you need except for the water. Just put the 5 gallon bucket near where you want the irrigation, attach the Blumat watering stakes, and insert them into the potting mix or soil. The Blumats wick moisture as the plants deplete it, irrigate on the plants schedule instead of an arbitrary timer, and save precious water. To increase or decrease the moisture content in your containers, just raise or lower the bucket.

According to UN secretary general, António Guterres, we've passed the era of global warming" and “the era of global boiling has arrived." According to new scientific studies, less moisture in the soil leads to more severe heat waves while more soil moisture lowers air temperature. We designed this kit as a simple and inexpensive way almost everyone can help. You can let it fill up from rain, from a hose, or normally-wasted water like the water from a sink, shower, or bath that goes down the drain while we wait for it to get hot (just put a watering can or container under the faucet).

Download installation instructions here.