Blumat 12 Sensor Drip Irrigation Kit - Gravity Deluxe

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Our medium kits are designed to water areas up to 3.5 square meters, or 12 potted plants. As an upgrade from the popular standard medium kit, our deluxe kit includes parts to make a continuous loop, which equalizes water pressure and always assures partial water flow - even if some of the tubing gets clogged, kinked or blocked. This kit is meant to be hooked up to a gravity system, and includes the bulkhead fitting to be hooked up to your reservoir. It also includes a pipette and a valve to let out air bubbles and sediment. Blumat systems can adjust to any plant type or desired moisture level. This specific kit comes with 5" carrots, which are better for smaller potted plants (10 gallons at most). If you have large plants (10+ gallon pots), we recommend using 9" carrots, or Maxis, to get water deep into the soil.

This Kit Includes:

  • 12 Blumat carrots (5")
  • 3 Blumat tees (8mm-to-3mm)
  • 7 meters (23 feet) of Superflex tubing
  • 2 Blumat tee splitters
  • 1 elbow splitter
  • 1 hose union
  • 1 hose end-piece
  • 2 rain barrel/gravity tank connectors and installation instructions
  • 1 8mm shut-off valve / air purge
  • 1 plastic pipette (removes bubbles from Blumats to ensure proper function)

Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients - and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.

Perfect for landscapers and home gardeners. It is easily installed with a pair of scissors and connects directly to your hose, tap or rain barrel with the help of the Pressure Reducer.

This kit includes twelve, 5" carrots and all the parts required for a gravity-fed system. Reservoirs should be at least 3' above ground-level. An optional Pressure Reducer attached to garden hose or faucet can provide enough water for up to 500 Blumat Carrots (See 'Related Products'). If your reservoir does not have a thru-hull installed, you will have to drill a hole into your reservoir bucket and install a thru-hull piece. For our customers' convenience, we also sell 5-gallon reservoirs with thru-hulls already installed.

The Tropf Blumat system is great for watering balcony boxes, planters, hanging baskets, and row crops. It fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis, regardless of their location, light levels, or plant type. Our systems save your plants from excessive and improper watering. Tropf Blumat system are ideal for plant groupings that require consistent moisture, such as vegetable gardens, bushes, flower beds, grow bags and greenhouse containers. Not only do your plants receive the right amount of water, slow and consistent dripping ensures that your plants receive warmed water, avoiding shock.

This Deck and Planter Kit is a great way to start your customized irrigation system. The flexible system can be expanded to include up to 500 drippers. See 'Blumat Accessories' to expand our systems to your specific needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Tropf Blumat systems do not include a Pressure Reducer. You will need this if you are connecting your system to a threaded spigot, such as your hose/home water supply or the spigot on a rain barrel or reservoir. The Pressure Reducer is in 'Related Products' below. This system does not include a water source. See 5-gallon Reservoirs below, sold with or without thru-hulls installed. Let us know if we can help you select the right products for your custom irrigation system!