Blumat Classic Indoor Kit

SKU: IG15693


Our indoor kit features six Blumat Juniors. Blumat Juniors ensure a constant supply of water to your indoor plants. They automatically supply just the right amount -never too much or too little. Your plants won't experience any drying out that stunts growth or over-watering that squeezes the air out of the soil and keeps plants from "breathing" properly.

This Kit Includes:

  • 4 Blumat Classic (Jr.) carrots
  • 2 Blumat Classic (Jr.) XL
  • 1 Blumat Classic (Jr.) Extend-a-kit
  • 1 3mm Y connect
  • As the soil dries, a ceramic cone gradually delivers water into the surrounding dirt, which creates a vacuum within the cone that draws water from a nearby container of water. And once the soil reaches a desired moisture level, the Blumat Junior will stop pulling in water. You can even add fertilizer to the water supply — slow, continual feeding encourages prolific plant growth.

  • Vacation without worrying about watering your plants.
  • Just fill up a container with enough water to last your plants while you're gone - Blumat Juniors will do the rest!
  • No need to re-pot, move your plants, or hire a plant sitter.
  • Great while you're at home, too!
  • Simply fill a water container, connect your Blumat Juniors, and take care of many different plants and plant types at the same time!
  • Easy and simple to set up
  • Plants grow healthier and faster
  • Slow and steady watering allows water to warm up before going into the soil, eliminating the worry of shocking your plants.
  • Blumat Juniors will only draw water up 12 inches (30cm). Be sure to place your water supply within this range. If the surface of the water in your container is lower than this, the flow of water will be restricted and your plants will gradually dry out. Each Blumat holds a limit on how fast it can deliver water. Use several cones or a Blumat Classic (Junior) XL for larger plants with higher water needs. In this case, also be sure to use a larger water reservoir.

    With the included Extend-a-Kit, you can expand the reach of your Blumat Juniors. Regarding plant health, sometimes it's best to have your water source further than the 33" that comes with the Blumat Juniors. This little kit gives you 10 extra feet of 8mm tubing plus 2 couplings, a T-splitter and a Y-splitter. The couplings allow you extend your watering range and the T- and Y-splitters let you water 2 plants from a single water line.

    Guide to the Blumat Classic