4' x 4' Capillary Mat System

SKU: IG16914


Capillary Mat System, 4’ x 4’

Here's a great, automated systems for growing seedlings, starts, and clones. Just hook it up to a gravity reservoir or a pressurized water line (with a pressure reducer) and make sure that those small, vulnerable plants don't dry out or drown.

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This set-up includes:

  • 1 - Surface Blumat
  • 1 - Capillary Mat 4' x 4'
  • 1 - Perforated Black Foil, 1.2 meters wide (47.3") anti-algae
  • 5 ft - Super-Flex 8mm by the foot Silicone Rubber Tubing
  • 8 ft - BluSoak 2.0 DripTape 
  • 4 - Blumat Elbows - bulk
  • 1 - Blumat 8 to 3 Reducer Tee
  • 4 - Blusoak to 8mm Barbed Adapter
  • 1 - 3mm Quick-Connect on-off Adapter Valves

This system needs to have a flat surface but it can be almost anything: a cement or tile floor, a plastic-covered sheet of plywood, metal or glass.

Does not include Impermeable Plastic Layer

The water wicks up from the bottom so it doesn't squeeze the oxygen out of your planting mix or disturb delicate seed sprouts like hand-watering easily does.