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Tropf Blumat Sample Set - For Testing and Fitting into Existing Drip System

Tropf Blumat Sample Set - For Testing and Fitting into Existing Drip System

Here's an easy, inexpensive way to test out a Blumat system without committing to the expense of a full kit or large quantity of parts. We put together the Tropf Blumat sensor with a 3 mm tubing to 1/8" drip tube adapter, 12" of drip tube, and a transfer barb on the end. All you have to do is put a small hole in your drip line, just like you would do to add an emitter, and then you can freely experiment with our advanced irrigation system! Make sure your water pressure isn't too high, as our systems operate optimally at about 7 psi. We also sell Pressure Regulators, allowing you to use practically any water source for your system.

You must have a water source in order to test out this sample set, if you do not have a drip system already, consider purchasing the starter (small) kit. 

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Tropf Blumat carrot (5")
  • 1 Blumat adapter (3mm tubing to 1/8" drip tube)
  • 12" of drip tube
  • 1 transfer barb

Note: Blumat Classics (Juniors) and bottle adapters are designed for houseplants while Tropf-Blumat Sensors (the one's with the small adjustable brown knob on top) are designed for greenhouses, growrooms, decks, and outside gardens. Blumats Austria says "Please don't use the Tropf-Blumats indoors" because if hooked up to a constant water source and a pet, guest, or user-error somehow causes a run-away, it could damage an indoor floor, drywall, carpet, or furniture. We, and many others, do in fact use these systems inside ourselves, however, we are generally around enough that if a problem did occur, we would be able to notice a problem and fix it in time (not the case if someone is on vacation). We have many guides for being able to set these up the proper way and avoid a run-away or general mistakes. Please contact us for any help, we are always here to help make your life easier.

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