Microbes (micro-organisms) - As our friend Jeff Lowenfels writes, “The soil is one big fast-food restaurant.” Gardeners most often give the soil an abundance of fast-food nutrients but those nutrients frequently remain for long periods of time unavailable. Because the soil lacks the proper microbes, the plants can't “digest” them. With enough of the right kind of microbe however, a small amount of nutrient goes a long, long way. For example, Mycorrhizal fungi can expand the network of roots up to 1000 times to bring moisture and phosphorous to the plant while unlocking many other nutrients like copper, calcium magnesium, zinc, and iron. Microbes also keep the plants strong and healthy, prevent and stop plant pests, expand drought and high-wind tolerance, and dramatically increase yields. We believe microbes represent the future of agriculture. They can surpass the benefits of chemical fertilizers and pesticides without all the negative consequences of using poisons on our food and medicine.

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