Capillary Mat Systems

Even the most strong and powerful tree begins as a fragile sprout coming out of a tiny seed. Nurturing that sprout or clone when early requires much more momentary attention than when it's larger and in a larger container. In general, the larger the container, the less frequently it needs irrigation; the smaller, the more often it needs watering. For this reason, capillary mats frequently become one of the grower's most time-saving tools for starting seedlings and propagating clones. They water plants from the bottom up, preventing many problems while providing many advantages. Although not well-known in the USA yet, capillary mat systems in Europe have a long history with extensive use. Before these water-holding fabrics became available, people used wet sand beds and even thick layers of newspaper. And even in the USA now - retail garden centers, greenhouses, and nurseries have installed over 8 million square feet of AquaMats, saving roughly 70% of their water use - 889,000 gallons per season per garden center.

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Capillary Mat 6' wide