Sun-Mar Microbe Mix

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  • 100% natural blend of microbes and enzymes
  • Starts and accelerates composting in all composting toilets
  • Use in mulch and sprinkled on soil to increase beneficial microbe support
  • Also great for compost bins and piles
  • Use in mulch and sprinkled on soil to increase beneficial microbe support
  • One jar lasts for months or years

This compost accelerator is designed to initiate and accelerate composting. These microbes will help with the composting process wherever they are! Add these to your compost bucket, composting bin, compost tea brewer, worm composter, etc. These will enhance the organic compost process wherever they are.

They will enhance and speed composting in tumblers, compost piles, and you can even add these microbes to your soil. This unique blend of microbes and enzymes will enhance/accelerate composting and reduce unwanted odors in garden beds, garden composters, compost piles, natures head composting toilet(s), pet waste piles, composting worms, bokashi compost piles, bokashi compost starter kit(s), and more. You could even inoculate your drip irrigation kit, garden watering system, or other irrigation system (we recommend Blumat) with these microbes to enhance biological soil activity. We have even seen success by adding this blend directly to a drip system or garden irrigation system.

Your compost worms will love this stuff!

Applying these microbes is incredibly simple and easy! Just sprinkle some of the dry granular wherever they are needed, and they will do the rest of the work.

These are especially effective in self-contained composting toilet units and similar systems that are dependent on microbiological activity for composting and keeping unwanted odors away.


The perfect (as far as we know) combination of dried microbes and enzymes to assure the best start and speed for this kind of composting. Sun-Mar recommends using this every 2 weeks which will make these 18 oz. jars last 6 months.