Sun-Mar GTG Toilet

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  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE- The efficient GTG is the ideal portable toilet for camping or RV toilet use!
  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES- This portable potty for adults (children too) is almost TOO easy to install!
  • SOLID/LIQUID SEPARATION- This smart toilet separate liquid and solid waste to separate chambers!
  • TINY- The most compact porta potty camp toilet (that doesn't sacrifice practicality) we could find!
  • EASY DISPOSAL- The GTG functions similarly to a cassette toilet, making waste management a breeze!

The Sun-Mar GTG composting toilet for RVs is much more than that. With a composting toilet this easy to use and install, you'll be wondering where else you can put them!

This toilet separates liquid and solid waste into respective chambers, making clean-up extremely easy and straight-forward. This porta-potty toilet will have you wondering why you didn't ditch your RV toilet chemicals earlier. You can easily compost your waste using this toilet or otherwise dispose of it. We recommend using Sun-Mar microbe mix to keep odors down and keep the composting process active.

This model is significantly lower hassle and has a lower environmental impact as opposed to incinerator toilet(s) and incinerating toilet (s).

Perhaps bests of all, the GTG functions without a waterline connection, and works just fine as a waterless toilet. The GTG will totally complete your portable bathroom.

These toilets are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact size, function that is similar to a cassette toilet, and ease of use. They are really ideal for homes, tiny homes, cottages, boats, mines, stables, aircraft hangars, near pools, RVs, cabins, camping, or other off-grid applications.

Sleek and elegant, the GTG is Sun-Mar's smallest and most economical toilet ever! The GTG toilet sets up in minutes and its modern European styling and ultra-compact size make it a perfect solution for any place a toilet is needed. Perfect for Homes, Tiny Homes, Cottages and Cabins, Boats, Farms, Warehouses, Garages, Barns, Stables, Mines, RV's, Aircraft Hangars, Pools- the GTG can go anywhere it's not possible or cost-effective to install a conventional toilet.