Sun-Mar Garden Composter 200

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The Sun-Mar Garden Composter 200 is a compact design suitable for smaller yards and gardens. Using a patented, rotation "bio-drum" the Continuous-Use Composter moves compost material along an outer drum and then back toward a collection chamber as it's rotated. By the time it reaches the output port it's a light, fluffy end product. No waiting for an entire "batch" to finish - just remove compost as you need it! Top-loading, tough plastic drum turns easily with "finger-friendly" slots. You can load this composter with kitchen scraps continuously, making it unlike typical drum composters, which require you to stop adding material at some point. Made from green polyethylene. Minimal assembly. Drum rotates smoothly on bearings.

The Sun-Mar 200 is a continuous composter with a 6 bushel (50 gallon) capacity, excellent for composting kitchen scraps and a few cut up garden trimmings.

- Height: 31"

- Overall Length: 33 11/42"

- Depth: 24"

- Product Weight: 38 lbs.

Pest-proof, patented double-drum design, UV stabilized and made from food grad polyethylene to last 10-15 years; these compost drums are continuous so you don't need to wait for one batch to finish before starting a new one. They're also fast usually providing great compost in just 3-4 weeks vs. up to 3-4 months with conventional composters. They're mainly designed for food waste and bulking material - wood shavings, peat, cocoa - though and don't work that well with leaves, grass, and common garden wastes. (Our cocoa-coir bricks make the perfect bulking material.) Best if moisture content stays between 40-60% and bigger things like whole onions are chopped up before putting in. 

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