Sun-Mar Compost Quick • 16 oz.

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Starts/Speeds the Composting Process, Ideal for HOT HOT Compost Piles & Compost Toilets

  • COMPOST CATALYST - Speeds/enhances the composting process and catalyzes microbes for efficiency!
  • ALL NATURAL - Non-toxic spray encourages aerobic microbes in your compost tumbler & compost toilet!
  • APPLY ANYWHERE - Use this product anywhere to encourage microbial processing of organic materials!
  • ODOR REDUCING/ELIMINATING - Discourages anaerobic bacteria metabolism and associated nasty odors!
  • NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED - Enhances microbial activity in soil and gardens - watch plants thrive!

Sun-Mar Compost Quick 16 oz. bottle is one of the best additions you could have for your compost pile, compost tumbler, composting toilet, garden soil, or anywhere else you want to encourage the composting process.

This specially-selected natural enzyme solution is designed to help aerobic bacteria convert waste to usable compost. This is as close to alchemy in a bottle that we can offer! The unique blend of enzymes and compost-catalyzing compounds encourages aerobic bacterial metabolism while discouraging anaerobic bacterial populations and activity. Anaerobic bacteria are best-known for their odiferous metabolic byproducts. Anyone who has walked by an outhouse knows the odor well!

Use Sun-Mar Compost Quick to reduce these bacteria and odors, and to speed the composting process. It can be used to "prime" compost piles and composting toilets, to clean their bowls/containers, or even as a soil amendment/inoculation. If you are getting unfavorable aromas from your compost pile or toilet, use Compost Quick!

This is your best bet for humanure piles and other organic materials that are considered extremely "hot." These materials break down slowly, but Compost-Quick will change that.

This 16 ounce spray bottle of Sun-Mar Compost Quick is a non-toxic 100% natural product.

  • Directions: To accelerate the activity of aerobic bacteria in Sun-Mar Composting Toilets, spray "Compost Quick" into the Bio-drum a few times before rotating. "Compost Quick" can also be used as a cleaner for the bowl liner (self-contained units) or for the toilet bowl (in Central Systems).