SHURflo Solar Sub Pump

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One of the easiest and best ways to pump out of a remote well.

Much lower operating costs than standard well pumps and excellent quality. Longer life, higher efficiency, smaller and lighter weight, easier to reguild, all plastic construction prevents problems from minerals in water. Easier installation -- now only 6 lbx. Dry-run capability -- you won't have to worry about harming the pump if your well runs too low. This pump makes a solar pumping system comparable in cost and performance to a generator-run system -- but without the noise, fuel costs and maintenance. Easy to install in 3-4 hours and light weight enough to move for seasonal pumping. Hook directly to solar modules for daytime pumping or attach to a battery for on-demand water. Positive displacement triple-diaphragm pump with new internal bypass.

Maximum submersion 100', max amps 4.0. Outlet port 1/2" barbed fitting, inlet 50 mesh stainless steel screen. 12" long, 3.75" diameter. 6 lbs, 12/24 V DC. Use 1/2" pipe.

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