Razor Saver

Use 75% fewer razors each year with our Razor Saver!

Common and simple, a razor blade actually represents some remarkable technology. It is a shame to have to throw them away so quickly. In fact, they are only disposable because you cannot sharpen them. And now you can! Just insert your razor in the Razor Saver and draw the old blade across the sharpening surface several times - it will be like new. Get 50 or more shaves from any regular or disposable razor blade, men’s or women’s, single or double or triple.

The Razor Saver is made of RECYCLED PLASTIC! Just think, the disposable razors you threw away could now be a Razor Saver!

Please call or email if you are interested in buying this product in volume with a wholesale discount.

Dimensions: 5 3/4” L x 2 1/4” W


How does this compare to the Razor Pit?

Razor Pit has the advantage of being open so almost all razors will fit. Ours has a guide slot so some of the women's razors with thick necks won't go in. The guide helps assure the right angle though. If the correct angle isn't used, these can actually dull the razor instead of sharpening it. 

The biggest difference though is that our glass is narrow enough to fit in between the blade holders. If you look at the holders that are on both sides of the blades in your razor, you'll see that they are a little higher than the blades themselves. If you have a wide and flat sharpening surface, these holders can keep the blades from completely touching the surface. The Gillette fusion razor I use (about 8 months per blade using a Razor Saver) has holders that are almost flush with the blades so it doesn't make as much difference. With the Gillette disposables I use when traveling though (and even more with many other disposables), this gap is big and could completely preventing the sharpening.