ProPlant Root 100g

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This blend of microbes has been carefully selected with this biology in mind for boosting the health of root systems. Adding beneficial bacteria can do wonders by suppressing common fungal pathogens, naturally and dramatically enhancing plant vitality and growth.

This is a highly concentrated and fully water soluble blend with a dextrose base that provides food for the microbes when activated.You can use as-is or in your compost tea brewing regimen to get more value by establishing growing colonies of these beneficial microbes.

Use in your tea brewing regimen to boost efficacy.

pseudomonas fluorescens

5 x 10*9 CFU/gram

bacillus subtilis

5 x 10*9 CFU/gram

bacillus megaterium

5 x 10*9 CFU/gram

streptomyces lydicus

5 x 10*9 CFU/gram

streptomyces griseus

5 x 10*9 CFU/gram

rhodospirrilum rubrum

5 x 10*5 CFU/gram

rhodospseudomonas palustris

1 x 10*5 CFU/gram


Dextrose base

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