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Product Instructions/Flyers

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Blumat Design Questionaire

Just answer the questions on this form, send it back to us, and we can send you a complete-system qu..

Model: CO15973


Blumat Full Line Color Catalog

6-page color catalog showing an overview of Blumat products, design, and installation information..

Model: CO15971


Blumat Product/Price List

A complete list of Blumat (and other) products available - ofen many that haven't gotten onto this w..

Model: CO15964


Blumat Design & Sizing

Seven pages of Blumat design and sizing diagrams: for gravity, pressure, raised bed, and big fabric ..

Model: CO15961


Blumat Digital

A super accurate way to know the moisture level near your roots...

Model: CO17007


Blumat Sizing Chart

How many Blumat Carrots should we use in the pot, bed, or garden size we have?This chart will give y..

Model: CO15668


Blumat User Comments

Comments from customers, some who have been using Blumats for more than 15 years. 10 pages..

Model: CO15962


Bonsai Blumats

How to use our Bonsai Blumat for small plants and trays...

Model: CO17006


Dealer Informational Packet - Blumat Catalog, Posters, and Flyers

Just a quick and easy way for Dealers to get there Blumat Informational goods, so they can pass it o..

Model: DealerPack


Digital Meter Instructions

Great for dialing-in moisture levels for any plant type, the Digital Blumat is easy to use. Here are..

Model: CO17010



Blumats aren't expensive - they're an investment that quickly pays for itselfand gives amazing retur..

Model: CO17000


French Blumat Instructions

French directions for how to use your Blumats...

Model: CO17015


Hemp Flyer

A flyer outlining some of the important facts about growing hemp with Blumats and Soaker Hose...

Model: CO17017


Pressure Kit Instructions

Power up to 500 Blumats with this all-you-need kit! Instructions for use and fine-tuning...

Model: CO17013


Retail Price List 17.5

Yes, you. You, grower of crops and lover of earth's bountiful beauties. You, traveler of worlds know..

Model: CO17171