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METAGROW BLOOM 0.7 - 3.3 - 2.1

MetaGrow Bloom is a wettable powder fertilizer used to promote plant bloom and flowering. Nutrient ratios and plant growth factors in BLOOM are balanced to promote the transition of the plant from veg phase to reproductive growth. Guaranteed analysis is 0.7 - 3.3 - 2.1 with 1% calcium, and .2% iron. In addition to the guaranteed nutrient content, BLOOM contains a complex of organic and L-amino acids, anti-oxidants, surfactants, vitamins, enzymes, and over 30 different minerals.

BLOOM is unique in that it is designed to facilitate plant transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth utilizing plant growth factors and by changing plant-available nutrient ratios. The plant growth factors help the plant make the physiological changes in what nutrients it collects, where they trans-locate in the plant, the differentiation of cells to reproductive structures and their development, and in the plant production of reproductive flavor and color components of the bloom and flower. Other ingredients improve plant stress tolerance, encourage a plant immune response, resist oxidation of plant resins and increase plant photosynthetic efficiently. The plant immune response encourages plant production of oils that the plant uses to protect flowers and buds.

Use BLOOM with MetaGrow ST at a rate of 1-2 TBSP/gallon of soil applied water with 0.25 gallons of ST starting at first sexual expression of the plant continuing with weekly applications through the end of bloom. Discontinue use of metagrow MFOOD once BLOOM applications have started.

BLOOM may be foliar applied at half the soil application concentrations above (or more dilute for spray coverage) if Phosphorus or Potassium nutrient deficiencies in the leaves are observed. Any foliar applications should be timed between BLOOM weekly soil applications. In the unlikely event a phosphorus nutrient deficiency in the leaves is observed, a different appropriate higher P foliar fertilizer should be utilized or the rate of soil application of BLOOM may be increased. If the rate of BLOOM application is increased, monitor for leaf tip burn. If tip burn is observed, flush the soil with water and decrease rate of application of BLOOM.

BLOOM clears a 100 mesh (149 micron) filter so it is compatible with most irrigation and spray application systems (check clearance on subsurface drip before using).

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