Blumat Deck and Planter Box Kit - Medium Deluxe

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An upgrade to the popular Blumat Medium Deck Kit. This adds on parts to make a continuous loop which equalizes the pressure and assures at least partial water flow even if the tubing gets clogged, kinked or blocked. It also includes extra parts and a valve to let out air bubbles and sediment.


Fully Automatic Self Watering System.  Perfect for Landscapers and Home Gardeners. It is easilly installed with a pair of scissors and connects directly to your hose, tap or rain barrel. Reservoir should be at least 3' above ground level.


Each kit includes:

12 blumat water sensors

 7 meters of hose (23')

2 tees

1 elbow

1 hose coupler

1 hose end-piece

2 rain barrel/gravity tank connector and instructions for installation

1 on/off valve

Pipette for making sure all air bubbles are out of the Blumat carrots before "planting"

Does not include a water reservoir or optional pressure reducer (see related products for purchase).

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