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Kits for Containers


These are pre-designed individual kits for Fabric Pots 5 gallons or above. These kits come with all the sensors, BluSoak, and/or drippers needed for each pot, BUT you may need to purchase the water connection, tubing, and/or fittings to get your automated watering system setup properly. Deluxe kits are more ideal for living soil or grows where you want more soil to be accounted for, as well as more moisture distribution. Many of these kits use our BluSoak drip tape, if you are planning to do a gravity system, you will need to raise your reservoir about 7' high to get enough pressure for the BluSoak to work ideally. If this isn't possible, use the Indoor Deluxe kits because carrots work fine with even lower pressure. (*Note, Indoor Deluxe kits are just as good for living soil grows as the Outdoor Deluxe kits. The difference is indoor kits have more carrots, so more control over the system. Outdoor kits use the BluSoak for more even top-soil moisture distribution, and since its outdoors there is more drainage, so more water is better. Indoors kits can be used outdoors and vice versa. Some deluxe kits are the same for indoor and outdoor.)

Fabric Pot KitsEconomyMid-RangeDeluxe
5 GalIG16688IG16689IG16690
10 Gal PotIG16703IG16704IG16705
15 Gal PotIG16708IG16709IG16710
30 Gal PotIG16459IG16282IG16337
50-75 Gal PotIG16462IG15946 
100 Gal PotIG16471IG16470IG16508
150 Gal PotIG16472IG16473IG16474
200 Gal PotIG16548IG16549IG16567
300 Gal PotIG16571*IG16572*IG16573*


*Contact us for pricing details: 303-998-1323 or 888-317-1600, x100 | info@sustainablevillage.com