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Blumat Classic (jr) Watering Stake - Single Unit

Take a vacation and let your plants look after themselves. Blumat Plant Savers ensure a constant sup..


Blumat Classic (Jr) XL - 2-Pack - Large Automatic Watering Stakes

High capacity Blumat Juniors - for tropical and larger plants that need more water. Take a vacation ..


Blumat Classic (Jr.) Automatic Plant Watering Stakes, X-Large (4 Pack XL)

High capacity Blumat Juniors XL - for tropical and larger plants that need more water. Take a vacati..


Razor Saver

One of our best products - everyone should have at least one of these!They give you the best, most c..


Sun-Mar Spacesaver

SPACESAVER is a standard three chamber unit designed specifically for situations where space is extr..