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PVC Adapter 3/4" MPT to 3mm Blumat Tubing with Quick Connects and On-Off Valve

For permanent, commercial Blumat installations, a quick connect adapter to go between PVC (or any pi..

Model: IG16186


Blumat Adapter-8mm to male-3/4" hose thread

Blumat Adapter-8mm to male-3/4" hose thread.Use this fitting to connect your hose bib directly to an..

Model: IG15752


Foot Valve, 3/4"

Foot valves go into a reservoir or water tank and keep the input line full of water. They let the wa..

Model: WP15825


3/4" MHT x 3/4“ MHT or 1/2" FPT Fitting - Adapt to Garden Hose or Pressure Reducer

A very versatile adapter!On one side it has ¾“ MHT (male hose thread) and ½“ FPT, on the other ¾“ MP..

Model: IG15620