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3mm Flow Controller for 50' to 100' BluSoak - Blue Flow Restrictor

An alternative to our regular 8mm Flow Restrictors, now you can limit the exact flow you need for ea..


BluSoak Flow Controller - Red 100' to 200' - Assembled 8mm to 1/2" MPT

Use this BluSoak flow restrictor/controller to limit how much flow gets to your BluSoak drip tape.Th..


Dark Brown 8mm Super-Flex - 100' Roll

This Silicone Rubber Tubing is interchangeable with standard 8 mm Blumat tubing. It's more expensive..


EasySoak 100' Garden Kit - Full Garden Hose System for Easy Watering

The NEW EasySoak SystemThe newest addition to the Blumat Systems and Sustainable Village catalogue, ..


EasySoak Connection to Hose Component set - with Green Flow Controller (50' to 100' of Drip Tape)

EasySoak to Garden Hose Connection, GreenThis product is needed for connecting your EasySoak drip ta..


Red 1/4" super-flex tubing - 100' roll

Super flexible and almost impossible to kinkThis Silicone Rubber Tubing is interchangeable with stan..


Blumat 3mm Drip Tube for Distribution Drippers - 98.4' (30 Meters)

This is the tubing that connects the Blumat sensors to the 8mm main line. The sensors all come with ..